Filing a complaint

You may present a statement to Minnesota Pipe Line Company (MPL) expressing dissatisfaction or concern regarding pipeline right-of-way alignment, preparation, construction, cleanup or restoration, or other Routing Permit conditions.

Complaints do not include general inquiries, questions or comments.

Complaints may be presented by mail, telephone or electronically via this Web site. Complaints received by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) or Minnesota Department of Commerce shall be forwarded to MPL.

To be in compliance with the PUC’s approved complaint handling procedure, you shall indicate by telephone, mail or e-mail whether the complaint relates to (1) a substantive Routing Permit matter, (2) a pipeline location matter, or (3) a compensation matter.

Filing a complaint by telephone:

You may present a complaint by telephone by calling 1-877-293-3332. All callers must provide the following information when presenting a complaint by telephone: (1) Name; (2) Date and time of call; (3) Telephone number; (4) E-mail address; (5) Home address; (6) Parcel number and (7) Nature of complaint and the applicable Routing Permit condition(s).

Filing a complaint by mail:

You may file a complaint by mail to: Minnesota Pipe Line Company, ATTN:
Mick Hemenway, P.O. Box 64596, St. Paul, MN 55164

Your complaint should include:

Filing a complaint electronically:

To file a complaint electronically, complete the information below and your complaint will be sent via e-mail to MPL.


*Street Address:
*City, State, Zip:
*Phone Number:
*E-mail Address:
*Precise property description or parcel number (preferred):

*Nature of complaint and the applicable Routing Permit condition(s):

*Denotes Required Field